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Crossfit Dynamix in Astoria

Crossfit Dynamix in Astoria
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So the summer is over now, and many of you, if you are anything like me at all, have spent a good portion of the summer convincing myself that next year I will take off the baby weight. My kids will exercise with me, we will run in the park, play ball, laugh and giggle, and our hair will blow in the wind as the ball bounces off of my six pack. Yeah. That wasn’t exactly the way it has worked, having 3 kids and living in New York gives a whole new meaning to a six pack, if you know what I mean….

Anyhow, I won’t get into too long of a story about how I heard about Crossfit, other than the fact that I started yet another diet/way of life by eating Paleo and reducing my carb intake, and many Crossfitters eat that way. I have not yet taken Crossfit, I am still talking myself into it, but I know someone who has and she is cut like a knife.

Essentially, Crossfit, in my own opinion, is like a bootcamp on steroids, yet the people are warm and supportive. It is a quick way to get your body buff and cut, so you can wear that bikini next year and people will think that you must be the sexy babysitter… Yeah, that’s what I need! One of the things that got me super excited about it is the fact that they now have a crossfit kids at this location, which guarantees not to leave your preteens/teens bored. It will challenge them, and stimulate their minds as well.

So, without further ado, if you are in Astoria, and want to checkout Crossfit and take a free class to see if you have the chumps to make it happen, click on the link below for all the info.

Crossfit Dynamix Astoria

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