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Cowboys Stadium Tour

A few years ago the Dallas Cowboys moved their posse to Arlington, Texas.
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In doing so, they also brought with them a huge multi-billion dollar machine in the form of a stadium.

Let me tell ya, these guys are proud of what they have.  At almost $30 for a standing room only ticket in the place, they have to be.

So, what does a million-billion dollar arena look like?  Well, if you want to find out, but are like me and could really care less about the sport of professional football, take a stadium tour.

I was first introduced to the tours when my team took our students to the stadium for a field trip.  We went in places that I had only ever thought about.  Like, “Does the cheerleader locker room look like the ones we had in high school?”  Answer… “Absolutely not… unless your locker room had vanity mirrors on every wall ”

During the tour with my students, we saw both locker rooms (players and cheerleaders), we sat in a suite, and then let the kids run their energy off on the field.  I really had a great time with this.  I learned a lot of useless information, and I watched as the energy from my 5th graders just drained from their bodies.

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Because of this I decided to give a tour to my boys for Christmas.  Great idea for two little boys who love the sport of football and who idolize Miles Austin and Tony Romo.

Thinking we got a pretty good discount on tickets using our True Blue fan club card, we had to purchase tickets at the box office.  Just our luck that 4 guys had just finished the self-guided tour and asked if we wanted their tickets.  We went ahead and purchased a few VIP tickets for the day after Christmas, and then took advantage of the free tickets.

During the self guided tour we were able to wonder on our own and at our own pace.  We were still able to go into the locker rooms, but not much else.  When we got to the field, my boys went crazy.  They ran… and ran.. and ran all up and down that place.  Oh, and thanks to the men who were selling footballs on the sidelines, they were throwing footballs and making field goals.  Such a great way to not only pass time, but to run energy of some youngsters.  And at $15 a ticket… you can spend all day having your kids just run.  Makes for a nice ride home and a quiet, early night.

We ended up not being able to do the VIP tour the day after Christmas due to the random snow that we got Christmas day, so we swung by a few weeks later.  The boys didn’t really care for the tour.  They were only interested in knowing what time they were going to be able to go on the field.  So, I don’t recommend the more expensive VIP tour if you have younger kids.  I would just stick with the self-guided.  The difference is you aren’t overwhelmed with information that you probably care less about and you can’t go into Mr. Jones’ perch or the suite.  Everything else is there for you to enjoy, just the same.

Dallas Cowboys stadium tour tickets can be purchased at the box office or by calling 800-745-3000.  You can also purchase online through Ticketmaster.

Stadium tour tickets are great gifts for the person you love, who may love football a little more.


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