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Costa Rica Resorts Reviews: Lapa Rios

And here's where things get nuts. Or where the only word you have left is: DUUUUUUUDE. This place is the stuff that dreams are made of.

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The Low Down

  • Rates: You can see a breakdown of their rates here. Again, I'd recommend going in May. You get "green" season rates (which is their low season) but the weather is great. It's just a few weeks after the high travel season so the weather isn't that different and it's so much less crowded.
  • On Site Activities: Here's the big list of More information on traveling with kids to Lapa Rios.
  • Tours and Excursions:Here's the big list of tours and activities. My husband took surfing lessons.
  • Sustainability: They say it better than I can, check out everything they do to be kind to their environment.

  • When to go: As I said, I'd totally recommend May for the price drop and the amazing weather. It's Costa Rica, you can't be bothered by a little rain.

Our Favorite Things:

  • Halloween Crabs! They were all over the resort and the kids loved seeing them. 
  • 5 a.m. bright red sunrise. I've never seen a sky like that. I'd get up and take 20 pictures in a row of the sky and then go back to bed.
  • The night sky! I have never seen so many stars, even in the Utah wilderness away from the city lights. We all sat on the deck for about an hour staring at the sky.
  • The food. Everything is local and in season. The week we were there they had these amazing mint and sour guava drinks out by the pool. I don't know how I could ever re-create them.
  • The pool didn't have chlorine, instead it used ionization. Better for the frogs who hang out there at night.
  • We went on the sustainability tour and saw where they grew the food, were working on re-foresting surrounding areas, and where they used pigs to produce the gas they use at the resort. It was so cool for my kids to see this kind of environmental responsibility in action.
  • My 3 year old's favorite phrase that she kept repeating to people was "Mucho Gusto Lapa Lapa Rios"
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Would We Go Back?

  • Another BIG YES. We loved ending our trip here. The experience across the board was incredible. This leg of the trip was true luxury travel and the most amazing resort I've ever stayed at (and I don't know who in the world could top it). Worth saving up for!

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