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Compassionate Kids and Serving As A Family

This month get the family outside to enjoy the fresh air and have fun serving as a family.
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Give a couple of these a shot!

Have fun getting dirty

There is so much work to be done outside to get ready for winter. Do you know someone who needs their leaves raked, or wood chopped and stacked for the winter?

Plant a Bulb

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Make somebody’s winter a little brighter with a soon to be blooming bulb.

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Grab a little pot, the bulb of your choice, dirt, and let the little ones start planting. Someone at an Assisted Living Center or Senior Center would surely be joyful to have one! Follow these easy instructions.

Give a Turkey

As I think about how excited my little ones get to eat that big Thanksgiving dinner it breaks my heart to think families and little ones might go without. Now more than ever The Utah Food Bank and The Road Home need your help. Can you spare some canned veggies, fresh fruit or a small turkey?


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Compassionate Kids- December

This month may not be hard to serve with your little ones, but hopefully you’ll enjoy these ideas.

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Kids in Nature- Cecret Lake Trail

We just got back from one of the most AMAZING hikes I have ever been on.

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Family Night At Chick-Fil-A

Chick-Fil-A is more than just the place to get a great chicken sandwich.

Why I Went Back To Camp As A 39-Year-old Mom

Why I Went Back To Camp As A 39-Year-old Mom

A girls' weekend like no other nudged me to consider my life without the mom label, and my family is better for it. Every mom needs to go back to camp.

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Mama’s At A Glance- July

Mama’s at a Glance- July 2010

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May Fun

Hopefully we will see the sun a bit more this month because we have some fun stuff planned!


Fun Ways to Enjoy the Winter Olympics As a Family

This year it's easier than ever for kids and families to follow along with the Winter Olympics, all without traveling to Pyeongchang.