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B.Y.O.G. Girlfriend Getaway Guide


Welcome to The B.Y.O.G! (Bring Your Own Girlfriend!) Girlfriend Getaway Blog where we will highlight special packages for women travelers and groups of women at resorts, B&Bs, hotels, stay-spas, inns, etc. across the U.S. and beyond. Pack you fuzzy slippers, your best friends and leave everything and everyone else behind!



BYOG (Bring Your Own Girlfriend) Getaway Guide

The BYOG is an online travel directory of girlfriend getaway destinations across the US and Canada. Also included on the website are travel tips, fun girlfriend getaway products and a weekly newsletter of special girlfriend getaway deals.

South Seas Island Resort

5 Deals for a Florida Beach Getaway

If you’re hoping to score an affordable beach getaway before the kids head back to school, set your sights on the Sunshine State, where many hotels drop their prices as summer rolls toward August.


Insider Guide: Walt Disney World

A family vacation to Walt Disney World in Florida can be a magical experience. Some people save up for years to meet Mickey and friends at the resort’s four enchanting theme parks, two water parks and Downtown Disney. But with so much to see and do at the 40-square-mile resort, it can also zap a family’s energy and finances.