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Boston Freedom Trail

When we have company come into town we always plan to take them on the Boston Freedom Trail
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The Freedom Trail starts at the Bunker Hill Monument and ends in Boston Common. One of the coolest things about the Freedom Trail is that it’s an actual red brick trail that you follow through Boston. Kids love it because they know they have to follow the red!

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Townhomes facing the Bunker Hill Monumnet

When walking the  Boston Freedom Trail we recommend parking near the US Naval Yard at Charlestown. We love the Nautica Garage, which offers affordable parking for the day. While parking here will require a little backtracking it’s well worth the convenience and cost. From the garage, climb Bunker Hill to the monument. Not only will you learn lots about the Battle of Bunker Hill, but the architecture of the homes surrounding the park is gorgeous.

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Old Iron Sides

Then head on down to the USSConstitution, or Old Ironsides. The Constitution is our very favorite stop on the Freedom Trail! The sailors are active duty US Navy that dress in period costume.  What’s better than exploring a naval ship that’s been in commission since 1798? And, it’s a free tour!

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"One if by land, two if by sea" steeple

A close second in the favorites department is Old North Church. That’s where Paul Revere watched for the lanterns telling him “one if by land, two if by sea”. After seeing those lanterns he began his ride through the countryside to let the minutemen know that the British were coming.

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Paul Revere's House

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After Old North Church you’ll wander past Paul Revere’s house. Sadly, it’s not a free tour, so I’ve never been inside. But, Goosey went through with her uncle, since they both qualified for the student discount, and she claims that it’s her favorite stop on the Freedom Trail. If you don’t want to drop the dough for the tour take a minute to relax on the benches nearby and marvel at the cobblestone streets.

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Gorgeous, old burial ground

Along the Trail you’ll pass several burial grounds where founding fathers and their families rest.  I love the super thin, old gravestones. You’ll also see several meeting houses, churches of note, and the site of the Boston Massacre.

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Massachusetts State House

You’ll finish up the Trail at Boston Common where you can enjoy some time lounging on the grass, staring at the gold covered dome of the Massachusetts State House, eating funnel cake, and pondering the fact that Boston Common was originally used for cattle grazing…and still was until 1830.

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Boston from the Ferry

Now, here’s our secret when we do the Freedom Trail:  we don’t go back the way we came. Instead, we walk a few blocks to Central Wharf where we take the Ferry to the Charlestown Naval Yard…..right by the Nautica parking garage. We love to finish off the Freedom Trail this way because it’s so cool to take the Ferry around the city and see, from the water, all the places we just walked!

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