Big Red Rocks And Waterfalls

Join me as I share our summer 2011 family vacation adventures!
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From hot spots we discovered along the way to tips for next time, we had an adventure to remember!

I love all the family friendly activities that Colorado Springs has to offer.  When we go on a family vacation*,* we look forward to a different setting, quality time together, exploring a new place, all while creating family memories and bonds.  It’s even better when we can do all of that without breaking the bank.  Check out two of many FREE hot spots that we explored!

Garden of the Gods

Whether you just want to drive through or you want to get out and climb, Garden of the Gods is a must stop.  Those big, red rocks didn’t intimidate our kids.  I seriously think that my boy is going to be a rock climber as he gets older.  I felt like I was constantly saying, “Be careful.  Don’t fall.”  Isn’t that what mamas are for?

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Although my girl loved the climbing as well, she was much more keen on pretending the narrow passageway between two rocks was some sort of cave or something.  The good thing is that we all had fun and did something active.

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Helen Hunt Falls

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We wouldn’t have stumbled upon Helen Hunt Falls had it not been the suggestion of some Colorado Springs residents.  Another free attraction that offers a bit of hiking to the top where there’s big rocks!  (What’s with all the big rocks?)  I must say that I’m quite proud of my daughter who pegs herself as delicate.  Before we even started hiking, she begged daddy to carry her.  He obliged for a little while, but when the weight of her body combined with the elevation made him winded faster, it was a no go on the piggy back ride.  She mustered all her strength and actually made it all the way to the top!  Once there, a ladybug discovered her hand.  I almost thought we were going to have to bring that little bug home with us!

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We’re still reminiscing on all the fun we had in Colorado Springs.  We didn’t even scratch the surface of all the fun activities that the Springs has to offer.  Hmmm…I guess we’ll have to go back someday!


Peace on Earth AND a Cherry Red Convertible

I think it’s a shame that greed gets such a bad rap. I’m not even talking “seven deadly sin” kind of greed. Even simple, “how ‘bout a little something for me’ kind of thinking is frowned upon in our society. Why do we think that somehow people are more worthy of our esteem if they only wish for others? What’s wrong with wishing for something for ourselves?