Art Classes in Salt Lake City

Looking for summer art classes for your kiddos?
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I have a teenage artist in my house and her wonderful art teacher is moving to Utah County (sniff.) So, we’ve just completed a search for more art classes in Salt Lake City.

Here are some of our findings:

MESA ART STUDIO is located in Murray next to the Art Garden on 5900 South and 900 East. Kris and her husband Al teach summer art camps and ongoing evening classes for children and adults. Each summer camp has a focus and evening classes have a project that is completed by the end of the hour and a half class.  When I told Al that my daughter had been taking art from another teacher for awhile, he asked if she could bring in some of her work. They were positive with her and excited about her art.  They have a wonderful rapport with their students.  It seems like a great option–especially for younger artists. When we were there, the elementary class was just finishing their perspective chalk pictures of trains.Mesa Art Studio also has adult class offerings–but not much for teens. Summer camps are between $65 and $85 for the week. Weekly classes are between $65 and $100 per month depending on length of the class.

GRANITE PEAKS COMMUNITY EDUCATION offers Youth Art Camps for ages 8 to 13 as well as sculpting and other crafting courses. I love Granite Peaks because their classes are so affordable and extensive. It is a great way to “get your feet wet” in a new skill without having to make a big commitment. I highly recommend getting on their mailing list to receive their course catalog. It is also, of course, viewable online.Youth Art Camps are $35 for four sessions.

VISUAL ART INSTITUTE  We are basing our recommendation for the Visual Art Institute on their website –so perhaps more details will follow–but we were literally blown away by this program description and cannot wait to get started in their classes.  (At least my daughter can’t wait. I’ll just be the driver. ) VAI has approximately 60 classes in their curriculum that they rotate through the years for three age groups–elementary, middle school and high school. Each of the classes build on each other helping artists develop their skill. There is sculpting, watercolor, printmaking, photography, drawing, color, illustration, animation, book making, computer media–incredible! Junior and senior year there is the option to take a portfolio building course for sterling scholar and college applications.  Just take a look at the student portfolios.Amazing. There are summer camps for elementary students on location at Hogle Zoo, Wheeler Farm and the Visual Art Institute in Sugarhouse and  a summer Figure Academy for teens. Pricing for summer camps are $170 for 1 and 1/2 hour nine day camp and $500 for the two week Figure Academy. Prices during the school year are about $285 for a 15 week semester.

MISS CAMILLE Finally, I end with a recommendation outside of  Salt Lake City. It’s Miss Camille–my daughter’s wonderful art teacher that is moving to Utah County. She has been a brilliant influence on my daughter’s art and her life. I had plans for the two of them to stick together through high school graduation. But, alas, we need to recalculate that plan. If you are lucky enough to live in Utah County and are looking for an art teacher, Miss Camille graciously said I could share her email with you: I am looking forward to new experiences for my daughter, but filled with a lot of gratitude for the many good hours in Miss Camille’s studio. We’ll miss her!

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