Arizona Speedway Demolition Derby

Arizona Speedway Demolition Derby
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My husband has had a chance to go to the demolition derby a few times without me, but this was the first chance I had to go. It was tons of fun, even though I felt way out of place in the crowd. (ie. I was the only one wearing a skirt.)

It’s summer, so everything starts a bit later, it started at 8pm this time. We didn’t bring our one year old, only because he was already in bed. I would have no problem bringing him another time, as long as I had some ear protection for him. They had a family section where there was no drinking or smoking, which would have been perfect.

They started out with the lawnmower heat races. They had some that that were a little fast, they had a great female driver that was winning. They also had some mowers that were crazy fast, especially for something that is made for a boring chore!

Next, there was a couple rounds of demolition derby. They both were entertaining, but they seemed to miss their targets pretty often. My husband assured me that they were trying to protect their cars for the final demolition.

There was a break, and they had “Mobility Cart” races. These were some souped-up electric shopping carts. I think I heard that they weren’t actually electric anymore, but I’m not too sure. This was the funniest part of the night. These guys were supposed to pick up groceries as part of their race, but there were groceries forgotten, dropped and even stolen. One of the guys toppled from his cart as well. It sure was funny to see these little things go around the track!

They had the final races for the different classes of lawnmower races, and our leading lady won at the last second!

Finally was the final demolition derby. It was a last man standing event, and they put all of the cars on the course at once. They were running into each other just trying to make sure that they weren’t working. There were cars crushed and pushed out of the ring. It was very exciting. The winner won by pushing someone, and that person’s motor died, and then his motor cut out as well.

All-in-all I had a great time, and I can’t wait to go again. It would be a good place to take kids, and would be a great way to make memories. Their prices were $12 for adults, $10 for military and seniors, $5 for kids, and 6 and under were free. Compared to a normal date night of a movie I didn’t think they were too bad, especially as they were much more exciting and gave us a chance to talk as well. I had a great time, and I hope you do too!