Adventureland, Long Island- New Coaster plus Classic Family Fun!

There’s a reason Adventureland has been around so long! It’s classic amusement park fun.
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It’s Long Island’s biggest and best amusement park with rides for kids of all ages and an easy drive for all Long Islander’s and anyone from the 5 boroughs. My kids are 14, 12 and 8 and I’ve been taking them to Adventureland for years now. Adventureland gives the kids a chance to enjoy an amusement park with many of the bells and whistles of larger ones, albeit smaller coasters and way less walking.

What’s NEW this year:

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The brand new roller coaster where the Hurricane once stood. This is a really cool ride because it’s got SPINNING cars! The kids went on it at least 5 times. It’s very different than a regular coaster, bringing a whole new concept of spinning while on the dropping and twisting turns.


Revamped this year too. The haunted house is a classic ride and although I heard “not scary”, some little kids could be scared so use your judgement.

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Water rides:

Pack a bathing suit or change of clothes because kids love to get wet and there are three rides where that definitely will happen!

Adventure Falls: The large flume ride that everyone loves and yes, you get soaked!

Crocodile Run: A unique ride where you stand in your crocodile and spin around choosing to head under the water or around it.

Little Dipper: Best for kids up to 10, it’s got one small drop that leaves everyone smiling.

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Popular Rides

The swings can be seen from the main road and are a big attraction for all ages! I saw many adults flying past on them.

There’s a nice ten minute train ride around the park when you want to chill and definitely for those kids who love trains.

There’s about ten kiddie rides all within one area for the little ones.

The ladybug coaster. Classic small coaster for those not brave enough for Turbulence.

Older kids love the frisbee!

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What I liked

I know it’s silly but I was in love with all the misting fans placed around the park, and there are quite a few! Every time I got hot (it was about 84 the day we went), all I had to do was stand in front of one for 30 seconds and I was good to go. The kids appreciated it too. I love this feature and wish more parks had it.

Plenty of shade to sit, as they had benches under umbrellas.

I could walk easily to my car anytime I wanted.

Phone charging stations.  Bring your chargers.

No long lines. I guess just having come from a large theme park in PA, we were used to lines, so it was enjoyable to get on rides with a ten minute or less wait. I’m sure some times it’s more crowded, but you may get lucky too!

It’s just a nice day of family fun without a long car ride home.

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Adventureland also has an arcade the kids really liked and for $5 they can do the bungee trampoline( My daughter LOVES this!) Here she is- flying high…

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There’s face painting and quite a few of the classic outdoor carnival games like whac-a-mole, balloon dart and long range basketball.

We’ve spent a few birthdays at Adventureland too. It’s a great option whether you have one friend coming or a whole party! The kids love the day there with friends. Adventureland stays open varying hours but usually until about 10 p.m. in the summer so you can come around 4 or 5 p.m. and spend the evening.

Here’s their Facebook page and site if you want to check it out more.

Have fun!

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Disclosure: Adventureland provided admission to my family in order for us to experience it and share with my readers.