A Pool Party With Elephants

My girls and I recently attended an “Elephant Pool Party,” the newest attraction at the San Diego Zoo.
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On the way down to one of our favorite San Diego destinations, my 3.5 year old said, “Oh no Mom, we forgot my swim suit.” I had a hard time explaining to her why she wasn’t going to be able to go swimming, until we got there that is.

As soon as we walked up, her mouth dropped. It became very clear why The Elephant Pool Party is an experience for spectators only. Three breathtaking, mammoth elephants wade in the Steven Matthew Tappan Memorial Pool, only a few feet away from the Park guests; they keep cool under the waterfall, playfully interact with trainers via over-sized beach balls and enjoy refreshing fruits like pineapples and apples. It is truly a site not to be missed. But also one which you would not want to join. Whoa, those guys are huge!

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The year old Harry and Grace Steele Elephant Odyssey is a spectacular addition to this World Famous zoo. The 7.5 acre one-of-a-kind habitat allows guests to view elephants, jaguars, lions and many more exquisite creatures in their own cozy homestead. Check out how close we were able to get to this lion.

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After you and your kiddos get an up-close-and personal peek at the elephants, be sure to stop by the Sabertooth Grill for an Elephant Float (P.S. if you mention the elephant Pool Party you’ll get $2.00 off your purchase). It’s a perfect treat on a hot summer day.

The Elephant Pool Parties run everyday this Fourth of July weekend and continue every Saturday at 12:30 through September 4th.

And be sure to stick around for the Nighttime Zoo, when a dozen performers in acrobatic costumes entertain the crowds throughout the park. And you won’t want to miss Stephen Fishwick’s “Splash! Animals,” an explosion of paint and music, entertains guests on the front plaza. Shows run every hour starting at 3:30 p.m. It’s a perfect family day out in San Diego!