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A Few Places to Stop in Sedona, Arizona

We recently went up to Flagstaff for a Marriage Retreat provided to us by the National Guard.
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All we had to do was drive up there and back. We decided to make the drive from the Phoenix area a little more exciting by driving through Sedona both ways. Sedona offered some great scenery and a beautiful place to get out and stretch our legs for awhile. We also used the time there to plan our real weekend in Sedona, a weekend when we will camp, visit slide rock and go out in our jeep.  This time we were being touristy without being outdoorsy.

Beautiful Sites

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Simply driving through Sedona is beautiful, and many areas along the road you can pull off to stop and enjoy the sites as well as find hiking areas and scenic lookouts.

One stop we made was to go see The Chapel of the Holy Cross. It is a beautiful church that is build in the red rock of Sedona. It has a steep pathway that you walk up to the church and from there they have magnificent views of Sedona. I’m not religious and in respect to those who are I didn’t step inside the church but the outside and the surrounding areas really are beautiful, and it is a nice little walk to see everything.

Great Food

Miley’s Cafe is a place a little outside of Sedona. For us it was the last place we could really stop and get something to eat before we headed home. We had stopped at a few other restaurants but everything on the menu for the other restaurants was very pricey and we just weren’t feeling in the mood to pay that much for what we wanted even though we were hungry. We decided to stop by Miley’s and we were super impressed.

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They sat us at the bar because they were pretty much full (that always tells me somewhere must be good if they are that packed!) and they brought us chips and salsa. That put us in the mood for Mexican food and as we looked at the menu we saw that their prices were closer to the prices of restaurants at home. They had American food, some sandwiches that sounded good and breakfast served all day as well. The enchiladas my husband got were really good (he says that beef won over chicken though. He had to try them both out). My chimichanga was great too, one of the waiters brought me some roasted chili salsa as well and that too was amazing. There was too much food for one meal but we both ate it anyway and we were full the rest of the day. I really loved that the waiters and waitresses would each ask us if we needed anything else. We must have gotten the VIP treatment for being the only ones at the bar.

Canyon Breeze– We stopped in at one of the travel places offering free maps, and they gave us a card to get 10% off of a few different restaurants all within walking distance. We settled on this one instead of the Steakhouse because the menu seemed to offer some of the same items but for much less. The food was still a little pricey but the Cafeteria style dining had an outdoor area that looked out to the beautiful red rock while you ate. It was still a little hot so inside they had window seating looking out at the same place but in the air conditioning. I loved the French Dip Sandwich I got and my husband loved his BBQ Chicken Pizza.


Sedona Olive Oil Company– We stopped in here, they had fresh bread to test out the Olive Oils and Vinegar with. I ended up drinking the samples of the oil and vinegar because it was too delicious to waste! We ended up buying an Italian Herb Olive Oil and I love it. I wish I had room in my budget and in my kitchen to get a selection of the oils and vinegar.

The Sedona Fudge Company– When shopping at the shops around this one you can smell the chocolate. Once you walk in you are hit in the face with the delicious smell of whatever they are making at the time and you just have to have some. The only problem is that there are too many options of what to get. We settled on Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge, Raspberry Dark Chocolate Fudge and Walnut Fudge. Oh and we also got a few chocolate peanut clusters.

Touchstone Galleries– We didn’t buy anything here, just looked. There were so many cool things to see, and most of them way out of my budget. There were fossils, huge geodes and some really cool petrified wood. It is all displayed in a very artful way but the history of each of them is what is really interesting. If you do have a budget that is bigger than mine, everything is for sale as well. The big artifacts as well as many more smaller pieces of history and art. I pointed out a few smaller ones to my husband as gift ideas for me!

There is so much to do in Sedona, especially if you just get out there and wander! Other than the food we bought it really wasn’t too pricey to just go for a few hours or as a day trip. The biggest thing to mention is that while it was 112 degrees in Phoenix it was only 99 degrees in Sedona one of the days we went. It’s still hot but after spending time in the valley it really isn’t as hot up there.

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