500 Festival Kid’s Day: Baby Steps to the Indy 500

Confession. I’ve never been to the Indy 500
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I’ve lived here for almost 6 years and I haven’t even participated in any of the pre-Indy 500 festivities, also known as the 500 Festival. Actually, festivities are well underway with the 500 Festival Mini-Marathon and 5K last weekend. I’m the person that had to be corrected that that Indy cars are NOT the same as NASCAR. So in my best attempt to immerse myself in the 500 festival, I am committed to participate in some of the offerings they have this year. I feel socially obligated to take advantage of all the great events surrounding the Indy 500 since attending the actual Indy 500 is unlikely. My husband has gone to “carb day” so I think he gets a pass but I am sorely lacking in my support of the Indy 500. I have visited the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum but only off-season so I really feel I need to step up my game and get a little more legit.

Since some of the events (including the actual Indy 500) are out of my budget range, we’ve set our sights on the 500 Festival Kid’s Day in downtown Indianapolis on Saturday, May 11th. I’ve signed my son up to race in the Rookie Run, a fun run for kids. It’s part of the Kid’s Day event. Apparently there is much to see and do at Kid’s Day. In the past, we’ve never been able to go but this year, we’re doing it and we’re going to love it. Again, I love free festivals. I’m drawn like a moth to a flame. Seriously, people.

So back to Kid’s Day. Prizes! Fun! Food! IndyCars (not NASCARS)! Princess tiaras (no kidding)! Games! A big ‘ol Ferris wheel! Remote-controlled car races! Have I tempted you yet? There’s also face-painting and clowns but those are things that kind of scare me but if you’re into it, cool, it’s there. The Rookie Run is for ages 3-12. For $6 (through May 9th and $10 on the day of the race), you child gets to run in the race, get a cool medal and a goodie bag. To register, click here.  See you there, right?

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Photo Credit: Brandon W. Shirley