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5 Ways IKEA Will Make Your Family Road Trip Easier

Are you road-tripping this summer? Here's a list of 5 reasons IKEA will make your family road trip easier.
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Are you road-tripping this summer? Over the years we've found a couple of tricks to a successful road trip as a family and incorporating IKEA has become one of them. IKEA isn't just a place to buy affordable furniture, it's a fantastic place to get out of the car and stretch out for a minute. IKEA offers amenities all in one place that you just can't always find anywhere else. Here's a list of 5 ways IKEA will make your family road trip easier.

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​Chances are your road trip will take you through one of these major cities. Check out all of the IKEA's in the US:

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Why we love IKEA on a family road trip:

1. Cafeteria

We fed my family of 5 dinner, desserts and drinks for $25. Their salad with smoked salmon is my favorite, my husband could eat IKEA meatballs all day long and they have mac'n'cheese! I love that it's cafeteria style, that they have real high chairs and all the children's toys that are available. After being in a car for a few hours, getting out to sit down to a meal is the best!

2. Småland

After a trip to the cafeteria for a meal we usually drop our children off (*for free!*) for an hour at småland to play while we meander and shop. If you're an IKEA family member you can actually drop them off for an hour and a half, giving you that much more time to browse Swedish furniture. Our kids love playing and getting their wiggles out, and we love shopping alone, or even just sitting in a beautifully curated IKEA fake kitchen, sans-children.

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3. Bribes

Need a bribe for you kid so you can make it the next 500 miles home? IKEA is a goldmine of fun stuffed animals, perfect material for good behavior rewards. We once bought our kids stuffed broccoli and carrots, something you just don't find anywhere else. This trip it was lions and tigers after our excursion to an animal reserve.

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4. Snacks

Can we talk about how much I love these cookies? Too much, I love these cookies TOO much. We always load up on new snacks while there because we love their ABC cookies, these jam cookies and really any other cookies they have to offer. My husband usually grabs a few bags of meatballs and we throw them in our cooler to take home. We fill up our drinks at the snack bar after check-out and pick up our children from småland.

5. Family Bathrooms

Did I mention they have family bathrooms? It's the greatest thing ever. It means everyone can stay together and quickly go potty, change diapers and be ready to hit the road.

What tips and tricks have you found to make travelling easier with kids? Do you have a favorite pit stop on your family road trips?

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