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2012 Gift Guide for DC Lovers

2012 Gift Guide for DC Lovers
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There are white elephants, secret Santa’s, coworkers, kids, neighbors, family and friends– it seems like you’re always on the lookout for a clever, thoughtful gift for someone. Here’s my 2012 gift guide, with a bit of local flavor.

  • This is perhaps one of the cutest White House Ornaments I’ve seen in awhile. We have a few decorating our tree from years we visited during the holiday season. I love the way they sparkle on my tree. And they aren’t necessarily breakable, which means they can hang within my curious toddler’s grasp. My grandparents have also loved receiving them in the mail.
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Catoctin Mountain Orchard. Located in Thurmont, MD, they make some of the best preserves for mailing home.

  • I’ve mentioned before that I love stopping at Catoctin Mountain Orchardafter a day in the hills of Maryland. They make some of the best Apple Butter and Apricot Preserves I’ve ever had. A few years ago I ordered a couple of jams for my dad on the West Coast, and he loved them.
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Georgetown Cupcakes, made famous thanks to the TLC show, "DC Cupcakes," can be mailed to anyone in the lower 48 states.

  •  Whenever I go home, someone undoubtedly asks about Georgetown Cupcakes. They are delicious, albeit small, gems. I have been a fan since the beginnings of the bakery. Sending cupcakes home will give everyone a taste of what they’re missing by not visiting. People coming to town is unfortunately about the only way to get me into Georgetown these days.

And if you live elsewhere and are looking for a couple of gifts your family living the DC area may like, here are a couple that are sure to make them giddy.

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Friends of the National Zoo memberships are a great idea for families with young children.

  • A FONZ membership is a great idea for the family with young children who love heading to the zoo. The National Zoo is free, but parking isn’t, and can be terrible on a busy weekend. The FONZ membership offers benefits such as free parking, discounts in the park, Smithsonian Zoogoermagazines, and more.
  • Gift Certificates or tickets to an event at the Kennedy Center, Ford’s Theatre, the National Theatre, or the Warner Theatre.
  • Gift Certificates to one of DC’s top restaurants. Restaurant Week rolls around twice a year in January and August. A perfect excuse for a date night or date lunch without the kiddos.
  • Jack’s Boathouse gift certificates. Every year we inevitably get too hot, and end up floating on the Potomac River in a canoe or kayak thanks to Jack’s. I’d dare say it’s tradition. They have all the gear and you only need to show up!

Making gifts meaningful and memorable is a great way to let family and friends know you love and appreciate them. I mean, if I can’t bring my whole family to DC to celebrate the holidays with me– I can certainly send it to them!