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15 Hersheypark Insider Tips

Here are our top 15 insider Hersheypark tips for your family to have the best trip possible.
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1- If you are going to the park for just one day and you are coming into town the night before, definitely get the free preview where you can enjoy the park for over 2 hours the evening you purchase your next day tickets.

2- There is A TON of walking. Wear super comfortable shoes and pack a spare pair of lightweight flip flops for the water park area.

3- Head to the the park early, when they open, and make a beeline straight to the biggest coaster you want to go on or to the back of the park. Most people stop at rides along the entrance and they can jam up quickly.

4- Do not bring food as they will take it away when they inspect bags. You can bring one water bottle (sealed) per person as per their website but an even more convenient deal is to get the souvenir cup at around $9.00 and then refills on soda and lemonade, for the 2013 season, are only 99 cents. Even better, they will fill your cup, or any cup you have, with water for free. No $3 waters! How cool is that?

5- If you don’t have a stroller but don’t feel like carrying a ton of towels for your large family, just bring one towel. They have these really neat family dryers, large plastic box things (for lack of a better word) that you all can step into and for $5, you dry off — hair, clothing, even your towel. It’s a very cool (or should I say warm?) concept (why didn’t I think of that?)

6- If you really want to see it all, allow two full days at the park and explore it at a more leisurely pace. Include Chocolate World since there’s a lot to do over there as well.

7- Wear your bathing suit under clothing for less to carry.

8- If you have young kids, stop by the booth on your right after you enter the park to get a bracelet for them that you write your cell number on in case your kids get separated from you.

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9- Have the kids measure up after they enter the park so they know exactly which rides they can go on.

10- Try to visit on a Tuesday through Thursday for lighter  crowds.

11- Stay into the evening as crowds tend to thin after 6 or 7 pm when the park is open until 10pm.

12- Don’t use the Hershey phone app instead of carrying a map since apps drain cell phone batteries fast.

13- Consider the meal voucher to save on meal/drink.

14- Plan on eating in the “off” hours of 2-4pm to save time.

15- Travel light. Hershey is a huge park and you don’t want to lug more than you need. Or rent a locker to store valuables and just carry a small bag or backpack so you don’t end up with a backache or sore shoulder.

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For a complete view of the park, check out my review of Hersheypark!  Make a stop at Dutch Wonderland during your travels.


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