Women and Social Media: Geek 2.0

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I have received lots of requests to post this video clip from Porter Novelli that I used in my "Geek 2.0" presentation at EVO Conference. We're all geekier than we think . . . :)


cleaning up and unfollowing social media marie kondo style

5 Ways I'm Decluttering My Social Media

The average person spends almost 2 hours a day on social media. Take average life expectancy into account, and that's just over 5 years of your life. Let's make those a happy five years, using social media for things that bring us joy.

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EVO'10 Opening Keynote

We kicked off EVO’10 with 4 fabulous speakers focused on the theme “Evolution Defined”. Nirasha Jaganath, Stephanie Quilao, Wendy Sachs and Heather Spohr left us inspired and in awe.

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Should students be suspended over Facebook?

A 13-year-old girl posted this status update on her Facebook page: "I wish Osama Bin Laden would have killed my teacher instead of the 3,000 people in the twin towers". Here's what happened after she hit the "Share" button . . .