Want Alexa to do your laundry? Now she can!

Want Alexa to do your laundry? Now she can!
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Alexa can tell you what the weather will be, play your favorite song, schedule calendar events, and now she’ll be able to do your laundry!

Sears just recently signed a deal with Amazon and announced they plan to sell Kenmore-branded appliances on Amazon.comSears also said Kenmore Smart appliances will be integrated with Amazon’s Alexa platform.

“The launch of Kenmore products on Amazon.com will significantly expand the distribution and availability of the Kenmore brand in the U.S.,” Sears CEO Eddie Lampert said in a statement.

Sears said a new “Kenmore Smart” skill for Amazon Alexa will allow customers to control their appliances — changing the temperature on an air conditioner without leaving the sofa, for example. It will be like telling your kids to do the dishes, but now it will actually get done.  Can you imagine??  I wonder if she can yell at me once it’s done and then offer me words of encouragement as I prep dinner.

“Voice is a natural interface for the smart home, so we’re thrilled that customers can now simply ask Alexa to interact with their Kenmore Smart appliances,” said Charlie Kindel, Director of Alexa Smart Home. “We’re excited that Kenmore has added Alexa functionality to these products and we think customers will love the convenience of cooling their home, starting their laundry, and more, using only their voice.”

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Alexa-enabled appliances may be the start to robots taking over the world, but if they can figure out a way to clean my boys’ bathroom and fold all my laundry, I’ll gladly give up all control.  We just know the world is truly coming to an end when even robots won’t scrub pee off the bathroom floor molding.