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TodaysMama Pinterest and You!

Are you on Pinterest? Leave your link because we want to follow you!

Are you on Pinterest?

TodaysMama is and we want to follow you back!

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You can follow TodaysMama editors on Pinterest and we want to follow you!

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Just add your Pinterest link below to have your fellow mamas follow your pins!

Not sure what Pinterest is and why it can be useful? Check out our post "Why Pinterest"

Show Us Your Pins!

Show Us Your Pins!

How to Add Your Link

  1. Click the blue "Click Here to Enter" link
  2. Fill out your information on the form
  3. To attach a photo, "From File" option at the bottom (the from web option doesn't seem to be working well)
  4. Follow the additional steps as directed
  5. If you get an error message, be sure to come back and check the post as it most likely showed up in the post
  6. Enjoy all of the pretty pictures and links to Pinterest!


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TodaysMama Pinterest Canon DSLR Camera Giveaway

Pinterest and Canon DSLR Camera Giveaway [CLOSED]

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