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Three Words: Candy Crush Saga

If you have not been introduced to the newest fad going around, you are one lucky person
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Candy Crush Saga is a new game that you can play via Facebook, on your iPad, iPhone, or any Android device.

Candy Crush is a puzzle game. Very much like Bejeweled. You match up 3 candies in a row, and keep doing this to meet a goal. Mostly the goal is to get rid of the jelly. Sometimes you have to bring items down to the bottom. Along the way you can get different boosters. There are the wrapped candies that act like bombs, the striped candies that will take out an entire row either horizontal or vertical, and chocolate balls that when combined with the other two boosters, well the outcome is just magical. There are a few obstacles as well. Like the chocolate squares that multiply. Ooooh how I loath those chocolate squares.

I don’t know if it is the bright colors or the catchy little tune, but something about that game gets me hypnotized. I find myself getting so frustrated with it, but then, I can’t put it down because I need to give it just one more try. I have thought about deleting it, but I can’t bring myself to doing it. There is something about the feeling that I get when I get past a level that I have been on for days (and sometimes weeks). Why would I deprive myself of that feeling of satisfaction?

When I see people post that they have just completed level 213, I feel that there is something to work toward. Who cares about what I have going on in my own little life, darn it! Give me one of those chocolate balls and a striped candy! I’ll get past level 73 yet!!!

Darn you, Candy Crush!

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***Just for reference, if you play on your iPhone, and you run out of lives, you can pick up from the same spot on your iPad with all 5 lives. If you lose those 5, get on your computer. Wouldn’t you know! 5 more lives. You also get some pretty awesome boosters from playing on the computer. Not that I have tried any of this. You know… I’ve just heard the word on the street.

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