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The Tech Reset Project

It's time to reset our relationship with technology.
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Tech Reset E-Book Series

Our Tech Reset e-book series is COMING SOON!

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About The Tech Reset Project

You’ve heard the alarm bells ringing—everyone is screaming from the rooftops about the dangers of technology and social media addiction. But it’s a rare day that we see these people offering actionable, common-sense solutions to the problem.

We live in a wired world, and while we’d sometimes like to turn back the clock and completely unplug, it’s not realistic for us (or our families).

We’ve designed this Tech Reset series as a practical guide and resource for parents, with conversations and activities that you can share with your kids and family.

Our goal is to not only reset our tech habits, but to also reset the way we think about our relationship with technology. Without a change in mindset, our habits inevitably return to default.

Your job will be to lead these conversations with your kids and adapt them for the individual needs of each person in your household as needed. Oh, and P.S. GROWN UPS . . . you’ve some changes to make too.

We want to put you in the role of mentor and guidance counselor instead of police officer. We want to help you help your kids build healthy habits and mindsets together. This requires that parents participate, evaluate, and change as well. In this process, we hope we all do better.

Thanks for joining us!

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Welcome to The Tech Reset Project

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