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The Current Fads

Sometimes I get a little disgusted with the current fads, especially when I hear, “Mom, I need more silly bands.”
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What?  But you have 20 lining your arm!  I now know how my mom felt when she rolled her eyes as I perfected my tight roll in the 80’s.  The current fads might drive us all to a high level of consumerism, but there’s a sweet spot in the middle of it.  That sweet spot is the mile markers these fads create for our childhood.

How often have you reminisced with someone close to your age on the styles and music of your childhood?  Laughter and a shaking of the head usually follows such reminiscing.  In the midst of tight rolled jeans, hammer pants, and bangs bigger than Mt. Everest, I never thought those would be uncool.  I never imagined my adult self laughing at the ridiculousness of what styles made up the coolest teenager on the block.

I imagine one day my kids will look back with fond memories on the current fads that has this mama rolling her eyes!

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