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Thank a Teacher and Help End Teachers Out-of-Pocket Spending

Share your great teacher story and Bing will donate $5 to - plus a chance to win an HP TouchSmart computer.

On average, teachers spend more than $1,000 out of their own pockets to fund classroom projects, and with impending budget cuts this number is expected to rise even higher. Bing aims to help teachers get the materials they need to provide all students with a great education.

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When you submit a comment about a teacher who positively impacted your life (or the life of a child) at, Bing will give a $5 donation to help fund a teacher’s classroom project on It’s simple: share a story about your favorite teacher, and pay it forward to another one. We all know a teacher who inspired us to become who we are today – what’s your story?

All you have to do is:

  • Visit (coded link)and submit a comment about a teacher who positively impacted your life or the life of a child you know. You may comment on up to five teachers.
  • Receive an email from Bing with your$5 donation code and link to <link to>.
  • Decide what classroom project to fund with your $5 donation from Bing.
  • Search for your comment on the Bing map. In June, Bing will send every teacher their comments in a congratulations letter.

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Are you passionate about your children’s education? Want to share or learn tips on fun educational topics with other moms? Then join the #gno Twitter party on Thursday, May 27 and Thursday, June 3 from 9-11 ET to discuss fun educational topicslike teacher appreciation, exploring and discovery through hands-on learning, summer reading, and more. Visit to check out upcoming events. New to Twitter? Click here for a quick and simple Twitter Tutorial.

Win an HP TouchSmart 300z Series Computer Loaded With Microsoft Software from Bing

Bing would like to reward parents who, like Bing, believe every child deserves a great education. Visit Mom It Forward to enter for a chance to win an HP TouchSmart 300z series computer loaded with Microsoft software (entry requirements listed in the post). Entering this giveaway qualifies you not only to win the computer, but also enters you for a chance to win one of four weekly prizes of a $50 American Express gift card and $50 to donate to the classroom project(s) of your choice on

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