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Texting Foibles of Our Age


A friend recently forwarded me a link to When Parents Text, a hilarious website where texts from parents to children are showcased in their witty brevity.

Now, I'm a parent, but I've been texting since before I had my first child and before I was married. I was, to simultaneously brag and reveal my advanced technological age, texting way back at the dawn of mass cell phone culture in 1996. Since that time, I have been unable to get my parents to text. My mom sees no need and although my dad is always up to learn new technology (he's the one that introduced me to email in 1989,) he didn't feel like learning texting either. Just recently, when he acquired his first smart phone, has he taken and received the occasional text from my siblings and me.

Maybe that was just a really long way of telling you that I certainly do NOT qualify to appear on When Parents Text. Your mom does. OK, my mom too, if she ever texted.

Speaking of funny texting websites, I hope you've seen DYAC, another site devoted to tragic texting accidents involving smart phones' auto-correct functions. You can kill an hour over there easily.

My favorite auto-correct error of all time? This one, when a dad texts his child.

For now, I have all the time in the world to turn into "that" parent who inadvertently texts funny things (that time expires when our children get old enough to turn us in.)


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