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Spring Cleaning My Life: A Review of


It may still be snowy in my back yard, but after a week-long vacation in the sun, I am ready to spring clean my life. I used to have a wonderful filing system and labels for everything. Then, last summer, child # 3 disrupted any sense of order I once maintained. This is the state of my counter.

Messy Desk Photo About One Review

My current system is broken.

Ask my husband and he’d say non-existent is more like it. If there is no file made or label handy, I start to stack. Artwork, bank statements, bills to be paid, magazines to read, thank you notes to send—all in the same beautiful pile.

Finding A Solution:

Lucky for me, I was invited to review the family management system at In one digital, secure, easy-to-access spot, I can store memories and pictures of my family, our health history, contacts, and even receipts from the plumber. Here are my 3 favorite features:

Babysitter Instructions

My babysitters are lucky if they can find the sticky note with my cell phone number, not to mention where we’re going for the evening. Now, from the AboutOne Home page, I can click on Babysitter Instructions and a one-page report opens that includes my child’s personal information, medical conditions, insurance card info, doctor contact info. I even have a special spot to include notes about our plans. Brilliant and easy to produce!

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While I didn’t see a way to combine the information for all of my children into one sheet, I took the opportunity to test the Live Help and was instantly connected with someone who could answer my question. Answer: It’s in the works, so stay tuned!

AboutOne Home-dashboard1

My Personal Correspondence

After a quick upload of my contacts, I saw that I could use the Send Cards feature from the Address Book tab! Thank you notes for my son’s birthday party are now just minutes away from being created, addressed, stamped and sent. Where was this service when I was trying to send my Christmas, New Years, Chinese New Year, Easter cards? See how easy it could have been.


Speaking of keeping in touch, since I have become delinquent in the correspondence category, AboutOne can redeem me. Using the Family Newsletter feature, I automatically have a weekly or monthly newsletter made from the memories that I send via This data capture method fits the way I live. Snap a picture with my phone, email it with a short note, memory now in safe keeping in my AboutOne account. Even better would be to have a unique dropbox-type email address for each of my kids to save me the step of sorting my Inbox.

Final Vote?

While my stacks have not disappeared instantaneously, I am ready to roll with AboutOne. The scanner is now upstairs to remind me that a daily dose of effort will pay off (and hopefully, some cute squirrel can stop by and help me tackle the backlog). With so many features and set-up prompts at every step, AboutOne is an obvious solution for me and my family.

Ready to spring clean your own life? You can enter to win an iPad2 and get a free trial!

Disclosure: The opinions and confessions of my disorganization I share here are my own. asked me to review their service as part of their sponsored promotion.


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