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Special Needs: Halloween Treats

With Halloween fast approaching, it’s time to start gathering up the treats we will give the kids for the big day.
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One thing I like to do is bring goodie bags to my son’s class. Of course, the kids want candy, but I really like to give treats that are not only fun, but beneficial in some way for kids with special needs. I guess the OT in me comes out when it’s goodie bag time🙂

Some treats I like to give are…..

-spinning tops

-squishy or bouncy hand balls that do or don’t light up

-pencils with pencil grips

-party blowers or whistles (if you don’t mind the noise)



-playing cards (for learning how to match, learn numbers or alphabet,etc.)

-finger puppets

The list could go on and on. Many little treats like these can be helpful to a child who has fine motor coordination challenges, oral motor needs, difficulty holding a pencil, etc. They are also good fidget toys for a child who seeks out sensory input. Sometimes items like this can calm them or help them stay in their seats a bit longer during class time. Companies, such as, sell these seasonal items in bulk for decent prices.

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If I do give out candy, I will try to find candy that has no artificial coloring or flavoring. I’ve found the Organic Lollipops available at Trader Joe’s markets to be a big hit. They’re inexpensive and naturally flavored. Kids seem to love them, and adults love them,too. I’ve had to keep myself from eating them all from time to time.

Happy Halloween!

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