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Speakers Not to Miss at BlogWorld L.A.

Dude. They've got a lot of speakers at BlogWorld. Here are some of my thoughts off the top:

New Blogger?

Check out the Type A Parent Track. A personal favorite and woman not to miss is Jenny Ingram from JennyOnTheSpot. I find her to be one of the most entertaining and thoughtful people I've met on this planet. Here's a little glimpse of her:

I chose that video not only because my husband and I just watched the entire thing giggling, but also because she has braces in it. I have braces. Cool people wear adult braces.

Another session that looks great in the Type A Parent track is the "Creating a Media Kit" with Allison Talamantez and Francesca Banducci. Both amazing women.

Been on the conference scene?

Here are some speakers you may have not heard from yet (or at least that I haven't and am looking forward to):

Peter Shankman, Blogger, Author, Founder, HARO

I've never heard him speak live and I hear he's great. Watch the video that is linked to his name. I'm confidant that he's a highly caffeinated individual.

George Weiner, CTO

Topic: What does the data say? Turning info into action.

Liz Strauss, Brand Strategist, Community Builder, Founder, SOBCon

Topic: Why Us? The Strategy that Creates Community and Opportunity

She never disappoints.

Chris Pierson, Overlord, DIY Themes

Topic: The Golden Ratio Theory of Typography and Web Design

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Recommended for You

Michael Margolis, Chief Instigator,

Topic: Content Creation: Your About Page - Why Every Blog Needs a Back Story

We are currently overhauling our long neglected About Us page. Interested to hear what they have to say on this panel.

Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer at Marketing Profs

Track Keynote

If you don't read Marketing Profs you should. So much good stuff!

Nick Genes, MD, PhD

Topic: Physicians Engaging Online in Social Health

I'm nerdy and fascinated with medicine, technology and media. I also read books by doctors . . . for fun.

Allison Day, Blogger,

Topic: Food, Platforms & Apps: Microformats: Suddenly Crucial for Every Food Blogger

Because what the heck are microformats? I'm going to find out.

What About You?

Anyone you are excited to hear from? What's on your agenda for BlogWorld? Remember, you can use the code MAMA2o for 20% off your admission. Let us know if you'll be there!

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