Science Says Kids Need Less Screentime, More Sleep And More Play...Because Duh

Just another scientific reason to say no to screentime
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Look, if you needed another scientifically based reason to argue with your kids about why they should shut off the tv and get their buns outside, here it is:

A[ Canadian Observational Study]( focused on 4500 children, ages 8-11 and compared the amount of time they spent on screens, sleeping and playing - against Canadian Health Guidelines and found that kids who met those guidelines (including nine to 11 hours of sleep, at least one hour of physical activity and less than two hours on screens) also showed positive improvements in their cognitive abilities.

Researchers found that the simple practice of putting a basic limit on screen time and getting enough sleep had strong links to better cognition in the kids they followed.

But the thing is, you already know this. Researchers, doctors and childhood development experts have been beating this drum of warning for YEARS, but screens are so ingrained into the way we live today, such a simple thing is often harder than it seems.

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In a world where an increasing number of children are being labeled with attention deficit disorders, it may be worth noting that attention is a muscle-like quality with the ability to be strengthened based on a more, shall we say, boring play room.