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Potty Training App

If you've ever asked yourself "If only there was a potty training app . . ." today is your day. The only thing that would make this app better is if it cleaned up the accidents.

potty time app


There are plenty of features to keep your child engaged. Some features cost extra (for instance extra stickers, products etc.) however if you simply stick with the free features this app is still useful.

potty training app

Rewards Chart

Your virtual sticker chart for success! So many of the motivators I was using had lost their shine for my toddler. This is one more thing to add to your motivational arsenal.

potty training reward chart

Our Reviews


  • My daughter was not motivated by much. She'd literally just tell me NO, stomp off to the corner of the room, do her business and return with a smile. She LOVES using our iPad and I'm pretty sure I could have baited her with it.
  • The app is multi-faceted. It's a tool for potty training, but it's also teaching sign language, and has a memory game etc.
  • I looked a few other potty training apps (there aren't many) and the design and graphics on the Potty Time app are much better.
  • I like that you can get printables to go along with the app. Not everything needs to live inside the iPad.


  • My son loved the charts (and we even went ahead and bought the extra stickers)
  • My pre-potty training guy loved the videos and was humming the tune and doing the sign language!
  • We loved the memory game and would have also loved a few more games.
  • For a free app, it's pretty good. However I'd rather pay a flat price to get the version that's all unlocked with all of the features.
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  • The app is easy to use, my daughter could have easily used this herself last year to watch a potty video, use the progress chart, or get a call from Rachel.
  • Since my kiddo BEGS for screen time, she would have loved the chance to use the app to add "stickers" to her progress chart.
  • I hated sitting in the bathroom while my girl sat on the potty—the games and books would be a nice way to fill that time. Who doesn't love a good round of Memory?
  • I love that there is a Facebook community available for me to tap into with questions.
  • I like that it's from Signing Time—Rachel Coleman is a familiar face that my girl would respond well to. Plus, she could learn new signs centered around going potty.


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In the meantime, Train on Mamas!

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