Opt Out of Family Tree Now to Protect Your Privacy

So, this is creepy and 100% real.
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Under the umbrella of an unassuming family history website called Family Tree Now (which is a joke because the family history capabilities are minimal), you can easily find all of your personal public records displayed in one easy to access place. This includes current and former addresses, birth dates, marriage dates, and names. 

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It also lists “possible associations” and included their birth dates too. I found my parents, my spouse, some in-laws, my siblings, distant relatives, and even old roommates and random friends on there this way – all listed out and hooked to me forever. 

Not cool. 

This is some next level type invasive stuff. Sure it’s all public record, but this particular search tool makes it easy for all of those different public records to be accessed in one place. Kind of unsettling if you don’t particularly want all of that information to be readily available to total strangers and people you’re not too keen on. Not to mention the WHOLE INTERNET.  

Luckily, it’s a pretty quick fix and you can opt out of your information being displayed on their site so go do that immediately and then tell all your friends and family to go and do it too. 

CLICK HERE for the details on how to do that, the instructions are easy to follow and if you Google “opt out of Family Tree Now” you’ll find detailed links on how to get your info off this site. 

It’s nuts, guys, and total exposure of personal information you don’t need floating around out there in one easily accessible spot. Here’s the LINK again, protect yourself now!