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My Hand Me Down iPad

When the iPad came out, I didn’t understand what all the rage was about.
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I had an iPhone and a computer.  Why in the world did I need an iPad?  Wasn’t it just like an oversized iPhone or iPod?  I refused to give in to the hype and certainly didn’t add it to any birthday or Christmas wish lists.  No, the iPad wasn’t for me…that is, until a family member upgraded to the iPad2, and I became the proud recipient of their old one.  My feelings have greatly changed and now I’m hooked. Check out my iPad highlights that made my feelings change…

When I want to read the news headlines or favorite blogs over my morning coffee, I can easily grab the iPad instead of booting up my computer.  The CNN app is great for all the news headlines.  I love how it’s organized with photo blocks and the story headline underneath it.  The Mobile RSS HD FREE app is also so very handy for keeping me updated on new blog posts from all of my favorite blogs.  The hubby loves HitPad.  You can find out what’s trending as well as top headlines, photos, and videos.

Let’s talk social media.  Everyone loves getting lost in their Twitter feeds or checking the newest comments on their Facebook pages.  Since the iPad is shared by both me and my husband, I love the Twitter app for the iPad as well as MyPad for Facebook.  We can stack our accounts so there’s no need to sign out of one in order to sign in to another.  I find both of these apps to be much more user friendly on the iPad vs. the iPhone.  (Note: the MyPad app I linked to is free. but there’s a 99 cent app if you don’t want the ads.  Personally I hardly notice the little ad at the bottom.)

When you’re feeling a bit creative, the SketchBook Express app is awesome for some simple drawing.  It’s also a great way to keep your kids entertained on long road trips in the car.

Perhaps one of the coolest things about the iPad is that it double as an e-reader.  Download the Nook app and Kindle app for your reading pleasure.  There are hundreds of free books available for download.  There’s also some books that have the first couple of chapters available for download so you can see if it’s of interest before purchasing.

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Let’s not forget favorite games like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, and Spite & Malice that are just easier to play on a bigger screen. In my opinion, Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja are worth the 99 cent upgrade to the full version.

Need some help with productivity?  Check out the Evernote app.  It doesn’t surprise me that this app was inducted into the Apple hall of fame seeing everything it does.  This will definitely help to organize your life.

Grab the Pandora app for some tunes while you work.  Create an account and personalized stations of your favorite artists.

Wanna blog from the iPad?  Download the WordPress app if you’re a WordPress person, the Tumblr app if you’re a Tumblr blogger, or Typepad for Typepad users.  On my personal blog, I use Blogger, so I find the Blogpress app the best for that.  The downside?  All are free except Blogpress.  However, Blogpress does support many of the main blog hosting platforms.


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