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Maker Camp

Oh my goodness. Maker Camp started Monday, July 8th. Are you in?
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Maker Camp is a free, virtual summer camp for teens July 8th – August 16th. Maker Camp is sponsored by Make Magazine and Google. There are fun projects to make each day, with a Google+ hangout at 11am PT, and then virtual field trips every Friday. The cool factor for this camp is crazy high on my scale.

Yes, my kids aren’t quite pre-teen yet, but I can do this at home with them via my Google+ account. I can’t wait. I love the format, there’s a theme for each week, and you can pick and choose what days you participate in. If you miss the hangout, no big deal, you can watch it later. I love how they’ve harnessed technology to bring access to smart, creative, fun activities for kids and parents to do at home. If home isn’t where you want to have Maker Camp, and you’re in one of the affiliate cities where it’s being hosted, go sign up and join in on the fun. For those Maker Camps you’ll have to be 13+ to join.

Are you ready to sign up? Yes. Do it here. Need more info on Maker Camp? Check out their FAQ page.

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Once you’ve signed up, join me on Maker Camp’s Google+ page to learn how to make each day’s project, hangout, and connect with other campers. If you’re lucky to be in an affiliate Maker Camp city with a program you can attend in person. Do it. Do it for me. Then tell me all about it.

Happy Summer!


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