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Kids Tech Round Up: More Helpful Hints, Less Fear Mongering

I set out to find some useful information about the technologies and habits that our kids are adopting and how we can assess how much is too much and set limits in a productive way.
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Our latest giveaway, Nintendo DSi’s for the Whole Family, is our first real “techie” giveaway and that got me to thinking. It’s certainly not for a lack of interest, after all, we run a monthly column from Anne Collier of Net Family News and we are nothing if not devoted to our mobile devices and computers.

Watching TV

But the gaming aspect of our contest got me to thinking about all of the scary news that floats around about the dangers of too much TV, violent video games and teenagers and their “sexting”. So I set out to find some useful and positive information about some of the technologies and habits that our kids are adopting and how we can assess how much is too much and set limits in a productive way.

Here are a few of the articles I found—and while some of the titles seem pretty similar, I’ve shared each of these because they offer an unique perspective or helpful information that I didn’t want you to miss.


How to Know Exactly What’s In Your Kid’s Video Games by Parenting Magazine

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p pinterest party

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Sexting Primer for Parents: In Case Some Basics Would Help

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screen schooled

'SCREEN SCHOOLED' Exposes How Tech Overuse Is Making Our Kids Dumber

Bill Gates and I share a bit of parenting philosophy.


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