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Joanna Gaines Lets Us In On Her Screen Time Secret

When JoJo says phones are a no-no, you listen.
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No really—look up from your cell phone, and check your surroundings. Are you out to lunch with friends? At the dinner table with your family?


Then it’s time to put the phone away until mealtime is over. Don’t worry, we’ll still be here.

Still need some convincing? Alright, well, when Joanna Gaines shares a little secret to her familial success, you listen.

According to the Magnolia blog, they have a rule in their family that phones are kept “away from the table at mealtimes so [they] can focus on each other and the conversation around the table”.

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Do you remember the last time your family sat down together and just talked?

I grew up before cell phones were a common thing (I know, I know—I’m Grandma on a soapbox), and mealtimes were sacred. Everyone was home for it. We were all focused on being together and enjoying the food. It was a timeout from the hustle of life and we just CONNECTED.

But now, it’s rare to go anywhere and see people actually chatting together over a meal. They’re all hunched over, texting or swiping or scrolling their hearts out, ignoring the wonderful people surrounding them. Sad.

Plus, studies actually show that people who use their cells at dinner are less happy than those who leave them off the table altogether.

So, let’s take a cue from JoJo and ditch the phones for dinner. And if it makes it any easier on you, you can get some cute leather bags to store them in while you dine and chat, a la Magnolia Table.

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