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How to Share Private Videos on YouTube

Love YouTube? I loved realizing that YouTube is more than just a way to entertain my kids. Did you know you can share private videos on YouTube? Now I have a home for all the little videos of a swim race, a silly song or an impromptu dance performed by my kids. Grandparents don't mind seeing them either.

You Tube

1. Log into or create a YouTube account.

2. Select Video Manager.

3. Select Upload and upload your video. By default, the video will be marked as Public.

4. On the Information and Settings screen, select the "Private" radio button on the lower right side of the screen.

5. Don't forget to include a YouTube user name or email address of up to 50 people to whom you give rights to view the video.

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6. Tip for your Private Users - They'll need to be logged into YouTube before they click the video. Otherwise, they won't be able to see it. Oh, you may also need to tell your Private User to create a YouTube account.

I make a screen cast to show you, but it's Private [wink wink]. Now you know how YouTube gets 48 hours of video uploaded every minute of every day!

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