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Holiday Gift Guide: Techie

Looking for tech gifts for the ones you love?
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Look no further. We’ve rounded up 10 of the best!

Website Stencil Gift

I realize I’m taking my techie to the extreme right now, but I’m listing this, because – well – I’d like to receive it myself. The entire UI (“User Interface” for you non-techies) Stencils site is full of fun. They even have some amazing browser sketch pads. I’m in love!


We stream all of our shows through Hulu at our house. Even better? The Roku box! You can stream anything! You can get your NetFlix, , Hulu, Pandora and all of your streaming through one little box.

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Ear Buds

Seriously, can you ever have enough? I think I have 3 pair and they are currently all missing. Give the gift that keeps on giving – hands free

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The Kindle Touch

Don’t get the Fire, it’s not an iPad killer. But if you need something to travel with and to read on, the new Touches are fantastic:

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Bonus: It will read aloud to you. Yes, put your “book” down to take a shower and you can set your Kindle to read to you.

Brookstone Pocket Project for iPhone 4

Do you kids crowd around your iPhone to watch movies on a tiny screen? Make any room a movie theater with this cool device.

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Turn your iPad into a laptop with a keyboard and case all in one. The iPad slides safely into the lid or cover and the keyboard connects with Bluetooth.

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Gaiam Excersize Balance Ball Chair

Save their back and strengthen their abs! This is the perfect gift for someone hunched behind their computer all of the time!

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Cell Phone Camera Lenses

Do you have an Instagram ninja on your shopping list? A camera phone photog that is ready to take it to the next level? Gift them fancy-pants lenses for their phone. Oh yes, they work with any camera phone. Buy them all or pick and choose.

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Slim Bag in a Bag

Know an iPad aficionado? Whether they’re bag of choice is a fabulous handbag, hipster tote, or a outdoorsy messenger, they’ll appreciate the ability to keep their precious iPad and accompanying accessories safe and organized.

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Learning Thermostat from “The Nest”

A thermostat that learns and automatically adjusts the temp for saving energy AND being comfy. Seriously. The Nest programs itself. This thing is awesome and we all want one. If it’s not on the list for Techies, it should be on the Dude list. Want want

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iPad bag

Holiday Gift Guide: Techie

Looking for tech gifts for the ones you love? Look no further. We've rounded up 10 of the best!

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