Here’s Why Parents NEED to Throw Fits About Our Kids’ Tech

It's time to speak up when it comes to kids and technology—you CAN make a difference.
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Listen up, parents:


On a daily basis, just by raising great kids, yes. But also in areas that may seem out of your reach or control. Especially when it comes to your kids and technology.

Deciding that your kids will be allowed to use tablets, cell phones, computers, etc. is a big step, and the knowledge that you’re essentially handing your child a veritable minefield of information (much of it far beyond their comprehension or coping skills) is downright terrifying. You can be a solid defense against inappropriate tech use in your home, you can set up filters and blocks, and—most importantly—you can talk to your kids about how to handle what they’ll inevitably see out there.

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But you can and need to do more.

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While many companies—social media networks, especially—are desperate for ad dollars and apparently doing anything to get them, they’re THANKFULLY still willing to listen to the squeaky wheels.

Take Snapchat, for instance. It’s an ostensible free-for-all with very little opportunity to shield underage children (or anyone else for that matter) from highly inappropriate content. And it’s only getting worse.

Example: Cosmo After Dark. You may have heard of the channel’s recent introduction on Snapchat—an EXPLICITLY pornographic quagmire, easily discoverable by anyone with access to the Snapchat app. Even an 18-and-older filter in the app settings didn’t block the content from innocent eyes.

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However, thanks to numerous concerned adults and organizations, including ProtectYoungEyes.com, Cosmo pulled the channel just days after its stygian appearance.

Parents, speak up. We can and do make a difference. Social media companies NEED to know what we as a society want, and it’s our job to tell them.

Here’s to hoping they continue to listen.


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