DIY Snow Globes from Baby Food Jars

Here’s another fun and easy project perfect for gift giving.
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My 8 year old helped me make these little snowglobes out of baby food jars.  They turned out pretty awesome! Wouldn’t these make great stocking stuffers?

Supplies we used:

Baby food jarsEpoxy Cement, ribbon and spray paint from the craft storeGlitter and little figurines from the dollar store

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First we washed out the jars, let them dry and removed the labels and sticky goo from the outside. This was probably the hardest part because the goo was…well…gooey. Some nail polish remover helped to get the extra stuck on parts. After they dried, my husband spray painted the lids for us. We chose a cool silver color to go with our Christmas theme and all the different colored decorations.

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At first I glued the little decorations on the lids with a glue gun and they all ended up falling off after they were in the water. So we went with the epoxy cement because it is permanent and water proof (apply in a well ventilated area by an adult!) and let it dry over night.

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Next we sprinkled some glitter in the jars and filled them with water almost to the very top. You can use baby oil instead and this will make the glitter move a little slower but the water worked just perfect. I put a thin strip of epoxy around the rim of the baby food jar and then screwed the cap on tight. When you put the cap on, the decor may cause some of the water over flow so just make sure you are doing it over the sink to avoid a mess. I let them dry overnight with the cap side facing up so that the epoxy could dry and create a water proof seal. After they all dried, we flipped them over and tied a red ribbon around each one to complete the perfect snowglobe gifts! Hope you enjoy 🙂