Create Videos with Framy, Hilarity Ensues

Create Videos with Framy, Hilarity Ensues
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You guys. I just spent a rainy day with kids in the house and we pretty much played with Framy all afternoon. Framy is a new app that allows you to edit and create videos. The cool part – you can pluck people or objects and put them in a different setting. Belly laughs, my friends. This app was super fun.

Here’s an easy way to start making the stuff your dreams are made of. No really, that funny dream where you are tickling a dinosaur? Framy can do that. Anyway, back to getting started. Download the app. Easy peasy. Next, take a photo or video as a background.

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Here’s how. Record a video and pluck whatever it is out of the background. Just tap on the colors you want to remove. It’s basically a green screen without needing a green screen.

It’s easy to figure out. You can click on the help icon and you’ll get video tutorials. It took a few tries to figure out how to best direct our creativity. I’d recommend checking out other videos that users have made on the Framy app. I guarantee this will make you giggle. There is some super funny stuff people have come up with.

Once you have your background and your stickers, you can record a video of it while making your sticker move. You can also add music or record a voice. You can also add text if you like.

My kids and I tried making all kinds of different stuff. It worked best when we recorded with a simple background. We had a lighter background and my kids wore darker colors. We even tried making a floating head (which was hilarious) by wrapping my son up in a sheet. We loved playing together with this app. And that, is always a win.