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Comics to the Rescue!

Have a reluctant reader at your house?
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Is it more likely to be a boy?  (No, I’m not talking about your husband…although I have an answer for that too, towards the end!) 

Ever hear a teacher recommend that you give your child whatever they are interested in, just get them to READ?  It’s true!  I know my mom wasn’t a fan of anything with violence, profanity or gore (plus there were 5 of us kids!) so she wasn’t too big into buying comics for us.  But when I hit about 10 or 11, she was amenable to buying me Archie comics, which are good clean fun.

Been to a comic store lately?  We took the kids a few months ago to Comics Store West over on Industrial Hwy to look for something for my husband but I was pleased to find a whole wall rack (right up by the front door, unless they’ve rearranged!) of kids comics.  Archie caught my eye but my boys LOVE Sonic the Hedgehog and that is what they begged for.  Paper comics are cheap—less then $3 definitely, some as low as $1.50— but what if you could get them for $.99?  Keep a whole library of them?

Well, if you have an iOS (for those of us moms who are not terribly technologically savvy, that means “i operating system,” like an iPad, iTouch or iPhone) you can download a FREE app from comiXology and get comics4kids for as little as $.99 each.  Available in the iTunes store, keyword search, comics4kids.

I know that sometimes taking kids places can be…stressful shall we say?  Difficult, anyone?  How about challenging?  What if you had something on hand they could read, where they’d be practicing learning skills from school as well as giving you some peace and quiet at a restaurant, while waiting at the theater for a movie to start, on a long car trip or when you are trying to relax with another adult during a play date or visit?

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See, this is one of those awesome things about kids growing up:  my six and a half year old can now read, so I can actually give him things and say, “here, read this for a while” and he will!  That’s not terrible, that is encouraging a healthy habit my friend.  Not to mention saving your sanity!

Once you download some comics (say you give yourself or them a $10 or $15 limit) they will have some titles they can read over and over.  You will have your own little library to tote around with you!  I would encourage you to peruse the library yourself of course, and make sure the titles meet with your approval.  There are 175 titles available for download from 15 different publishers at this time.  Some titles included are Archie, Sonic Universe, Raising Amy, Growing Up Enchanted, Clockwork Girl and G-Man (if you’ve never heard of these, don’t worry, there are plenty more to choose from!)

AND if you or your hubby like comics, there are tons to choose from on comiXology’s home site or by going directly to the comiXology library, where there are hundreds of freebies and free previews.  Plus, you can use your Android at this site, download onto your computer or any iOS as well as transferring your purchases between them.  So if you download initially on your computer, you can then go back and put it on your iPad so you can take it with you on the train or wherever!  It has gotten me all interested in comics again!

I am a gadget lover, so I am psyched to hear about this!  I love things that are portable and that make my life easier.  I’m already envisioning using this when we drive to Disney again with the six year old reading quietly and then later, the hubby or I using it.

While I didn’t get reimbursed in any way for talking about this great technology, I did have a cheerful email conversation with a rep from comiXology and wrote an article for Technorati about titles intended for adults being downloadable here.  I also read a lot of comics online.  In the interest of research you understand.

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