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Cellphones in School

There is a high school in our district where every child has an iPad. I think that's pretty amazing. The school is in a lower income area of our city and gives kids additional access to technology, saves money on books, and keeps technology up front in education.

On the flip side, cell phones in school drive me nuts. The texting and tweeting during class would just about slay me if I were a teacher. According to a recent study:

In terms of texting in class, only 18 percent think this is OK, while 53 percent feel it is not OK and 29 percent feel that texting should only be allowed in case of emergency. Regarding whether cell phones should be outright banned in school, 28 percent said yes; 41 percent said no, but that they should be turned off; and 25 percent said they should not be banned because sometimes it is a necessity.

I think cellphones should be powered down during school hours. I like the thought of a school programmed device like an iPad that has the proper restrictions on it, yet gives the kids access to what they need for school.

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Check out this survey data on technology and schools. You can view the full survey data at

Do you think kids should have cellphones in school? What technology do you think is appropriate in the classroom and what do you think the rules should be?

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