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Cell Phones and Brain Tumors

I had heard a pretty interesting interview on NPR the other day about cell phones and brain tumors and all of the politics behind who conducts the studies and where the research comes from. I of course want any negative findings to be lies and propaganda cobbled together by the association of local phone companies.

So of course when I saw this article on CNN: Study fails to end debate on cancer, cell phone link my interest peeked. They will finally give me some reassurance that there is indeed no link between brain tumors and cell phone usage - because they can't prove it. So get off my pretty little phones back OK!


Until I read this line right here:

"At the highest exposure levels -- using a mobile phone half an hour a day over a 10-year period -- the study found a 40 percent increased risk of glioma brain tumors. With adjustments for statistical biases, that turned into 80 percent. But Krewski and colleagues say that there is not enough evidence to show a causal connection, and the group of participants using their phones this much was relatively small."

WTH. I'm screwed. If that's all it takes to be considered in the highest exposure group I might as well go get myself an MRI now!

I need everyone to do me a solid. (for real)

  • Take out your phone.
  • Check your total usage or your lifetime usage.
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  • Leave your total as a comment below.

(on an iPhone go to: settings --> general --> usage --> lifetime)

I dare you to beat me (and I really want you to beat me. Make me feel better please!)

In an 18 month period of time I have been on my phone for a grand total of:

47 DAYS & 20 HOURS

That means that I am on my cell phone roughly 47 minutes a day. 17 minutes longer than the "highest exposure" level users. (I put "highest exposure" in quotes because they are obviously pansies).

What just happened to my risk level now? Now let's add in the fact that I have an iPhone - basically like a mini super computer emitting tumor forming rays at my head. And now let's just toss out the wifi in my house and the radiation emitted from my desktop and my laptop.

And I'm not really taking into consideration the text messages I send, the number of times I check my email on my phone, or my freaking obsession with the ParaPanic app while I'm sitting in church!

(breathing heavier now and headed over to Web MD)

In the meantime, please just leave your totals below while I go see if my inability to remember people's names is linked to my new self diagnosed brain tumor.


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