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Calling All Anglophiles - A Dodgy Way to Downton Abbey Season 3

Do you say 'ello to your mates? Love yourself some bangers and mash? Buy Boden or John Lewis clothes for your kids?

Did you watch the Royal Wedding as if your best pals were getting hitched and cheer for the athletes wearing the Union Jack in the Olympics?

Yes, you may be an Anglophile, a lover and admirer of all things English.

Perhaps your list of Things to Admire includes the PBS Show Downton Abbey? What an outrage that the winners of the Revolutionary War have to wait until AD 2013 to see Season 3? Why can't we import our favorites now?

Guess what? Here's a dodgy way to get around the US embargo'd content. ExpatShield.


Since you are obviously an ex-patriot, forced to live in the dastardly U.S. of A for heaven-knows why, you simply MUST be given the right to your UK programming.

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I give you leave to enjoy visiting with your neighbors, The Earl and Countess of Grantham.

p.s. episodes of Downton Abbey Season 3 are stored for 30 days on, and you may want to up your security as the Brits must LOVE pop up ads.

And my husband wonders why I read the end of my novels first?

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