Box 4 Blox :: Genius Lego Storage

A very fun package came in the mail the other day.
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As I pulled out its contents, I heard things like this…

“I am so totally going to use this!” from my 9 year old boy.

“I wish I would have thought of this.” from my 30 something year old husband.

What was it, you might ask?  Box 4 Blox!  Here is where I start sounding like an infomercial…

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Box 4 Blox has to be one of the most genius inventions ever for organizing Lego.  Made up of four stackable boxes, you simply remove the lid and start dropping Legos in.  Give a little shake, and the pieces will fall to the right box according to size.  The smallest ones will end up on the bottom and the largest ones will stay on top.  It’s such a fast way to organize your Legos.  Click here to watch a video that shows how Box 4 Blox works!

My son, who has loved Legos since he was four, loves to sort by size anyway.  This organizer makes his clean-up time go so much faster!  I do believe that’s his favorite part about Box 4 Blox.  My favorite part are the stackable trays.  You can lay out each box to find the pieces you need and when you’re done, you can stack them up.  I love that it’s not big, but it still holds 1600 pieces!

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I definitely give Box 4 Box a huge two thumbs up for their creativity in making the dreadful task of Lego clean-up fun and for the simplicity of their product.  I think it is well worth the $40.  You can buy Box 4 Blox on Amazon as well as through their siteusing Paypal.  For every 250 LIKES their Facebook page receives, they will give away one Box 4 Blox!

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Disclosure : I received Box 4 Blox free in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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