Best Greeting Card App - Sincerely Ink


Determined to keep up the tradition of paper greeting cards? I'm a huge fan of beautiful paper yet I still struggle to remember to shop for, purchase and mail birthday cards, Mother's Day cards, etc! Guess what? Sincerely Ink is saving my sou. See why it's on my list for best greeting card app out there.

Sincerely Ink App

This app allows you to create beautiful cards and send them to loved ones, from your phone! Yes, this is available in both the App Store and the Android Market. You can save your addresses and service not only save you time, but is convenient and inexpensive.

Sincerely Ink Screen Shot

If you'd rather be short and sweet in your correspondence, you're in luck! The makers of Sincerely Ink are the same start-up behind Postagram, an app that turns your phone photos into postcards and send them too!

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