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App of the Week - 8 Pregnancy Apps

App of the Week: Pregnant? Trying to get pregnant? Check out this list of pregnancy apps to help you prepare for a great pregnancy.
Baby Name App

Pregnant? Want to get pregnant? Yessiree, there's an app for that.

This week, I'm rounding up a collection of pregnancy apps. Whether you're looking for an all-in-one app that tracks baby's development, your diet and pregnancy stats and gives you a journal for your thoughts or just a single-function app that sends you daily tips, you'll find something cool in this list of 8 pregnancy apps.

1.My Days - Pregnancy and Ovulation Predictor App (iOS, Android) - Free

App of the Week - My Days Period and Ovulation Tracking App -

Pro: It all starts here - This popular cycle and fertile window tracker gives you the data you need to get pregnant (or not). The free tool allows you to send your cycle data to your health care provider or keep it private.

Con: Fair warning notes - This app does not prevent pregnancy, so don't count on knowing your cycle as your only method of birth control.

2. Sprout Pregnancy Essentials AppPregnancy Development (iOS Only) - Free and $3.99 Premium

Pro: This all-in-one app gives you pregnancy development timelines and advice. Track your weight and your doctor visits. Review pre-populated checklists. Track baby's kicks and your contractions. With so much info out there, this app does a nice job of consolidating the essentials and it's published by American Baby Magazine. Also consider the Sprout Pregnancy Journal app.

App of the Week - Sprout Pregnancy App on

Con: I could do without the lifelike fetal imagery and 3D functions. Since the use of graphics in pregnancy apps ranges from cheesy clip art to the high-def fetal photo, there's an image type for everyone. This just isn't my favorite.

3. Baby Names by Schatzisoft (iOS) Free - $1.99 Premium

App of the Week - Baby Names App -

Pro: You're having a baby and once that hits home, you'll need to find it a name. I liked the List Management tool (Premium version) and the various filter options are convenient. If you want the popularity chart of a name, you'll have to pay up as it's not included in the free version.

Con: Don't name your child William Williams unless you want a #3 first name AND a #3 last name. Looking for a help finding a unique name or spelling?Not so helpful. Chances are, you won't be using this app anyway.

4. My Pregnancy Today (iOS and Android) Free

Pro: Another all-in-one pregnancy app from our friends at What's different? Nutrition guides, birth clubs for moms all having babies at the same time and live-action birth videos.

App of the Week - Baby Center's My Pregnancy Tracker on

Con: The app has lots of great information but is missing some popular tools, such as the contraction timer and appointment tracker. Lacks capability to customize your timeline to track personal pregnancy events like doctor visits, weight or photos. Requires registration too.

5. Moment Garden (iOS) Free

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App of the Week - Moment Garden on

Pro: This journaling-style app lets you create a "garden" to capture moments in time. You can enter notes and upload photos or videos. You can use a browser-version too if you have multiple moments you want to include. Allows for multiple, secure users to view and create moments too. When you've gathered the memories, you can send them off for printing in a memory book.

Con: While this app is not built exclusively for the pregnant mom, it offers event tracking for multiple people. If you're having #3, it's a great way to capture how the rest of the family is feeling about the new baby on its way.

6. Contraction Timer(iOS) Free or $0.99


Pro: When it's time to use this app, you want simple and easy. This app gives you both. Big obvious Start and Stop buttons and the math is done for you. Let your partner run the app and you may realize that what you thought was a 7 - 8 min break between contractions is actually 2-3 minutes. Time to get going!

Con: If you feel the need to enter more data, such as intensity of the contraction, you'll need to use the paid version.

7. My Fitness Pal (iOS, Android, Multiple devices) Free


Pro: Before you get worked up about a "diet" app on a pregnancy app list, let me say - I've looked at many exercise and fitness apps and this one has the best tools, by far! If you're pregnant, you can still use the Food Calorie Counter and the Exercise log to keep track of your healthy habits. Check with your physician regarding appropriate types and levels of exercise during your pregnancy before beginning a new diet or routine. Bonus feature: Once you've had your baby and been cleared to exercise again, you'll already have an app on your phone to help you lose the baby weight.

Con: You probably can't keep using that saying, "I''m eating for two," once you realize that three extra donuts add way more calories to your pregnancy diet than you need. Track the healthy stuff instead.

8.Baby Gender Prediction Tool (Website)


Pro: You can buy about 30 seconds of entertainment for a buck by downloading these types of apps.

Con: If you're stuck in that Pre-ultrasound period and are dying to know the sex of your baby, you may be tempted to find a Chinese Gender Predictor Chart app. Don't bother. Most will charge you for the download and you'll get the answer, "You have a 50% chance of having a girl!" Try a browser-based tool instead. It's free so you can now splurge on the nursery.

Just like going to your baby shower, you'll find an endless supply of apps offering up advice. No pregnancy app should replace the relationship you'll need to develop with your health care team through your pregnancy. So, you know the fingerprint pregnancy test app is a gag, right? Did I miss one?

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