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App of the Week - ShopSavvy

I love it when someone shares a new tech tool with me. So, let me return the favor - Amy's App of the Week!

ShopSavvy Icon

ShopSavvy -- A bar code and QR code reader -- it's FREE -- and it saves me money! How? ShopSavvy saves me from my impulse buying when I see "SALE" items in a store.

ShopSavvy Barcode Reader App

ShopSavvy Barcode Reader App

An example? Shopping at my local cooking supply store I see a darling set of Matyroshka measuring cups for $12.99. Seems like a deal! One quick scan with my app and I realize I can buy the same product online with free shipping for $9.00. I slowly walk away. If I REALLY need these, I can order them later, online for less.

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ShopSavvy kindly looks up both online and other local area stores. I can click through to the online seller or select a map for the local store - Genius!

Note: No one is compensating me for these comments, this is all money I get to save on my own.

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