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App of the Week - Karoo By

Ask any parent what the biggest hang up is about being a working parent and you'll hear - I feel like I'm missing all little moments that make my kids' day special.

So how to keep up-to-speed on all the action?

Here's what the folks at found out- Infographic on How Parents Get Updates from Caregivers

Not only do WE want updates, we want to share them. If you're one of those parents like me who wants to simplify at every step, Karoo by is for you! Karoo is a free app allowing you or your caregiver to receive, record and share the events of life, big or small.

What's to love?

It's easy. Photos, videos, updates all flow to your trusted network of people who love your children and want to be in on the action. It's like being there, even if you're in a galaxy far, far away.

Sharing The Action

It's private.  Create your own Private, Secure Network (Because really, Facebook just isn't the best place for all the kid-related things you want to share). Invite and approve all members on your network. Have a babysitter quit on you? No problem. Their access is removed, the updates and pictures of your kids remain. Information is secure.

Karoo Followers

It's Current.  Free yourself from guilt of no Baby Books since Karoo makes your child's Timeline become the digital scrapbook you've never had time to make. Whether your caregiver is your spouse, a grandparent, or a hired nanny, you can all collaborate to create a Timeline as unique as your child.

It's Life.  The CareLogs and Milestones are auto-populated so you can tag mealtime or nap time, first words or first steps. Both Grammy and Dad can know when big brother is feeling better and ready to go to school again.

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Instant Milestones
Karoo Milestones

I love knowing that even if I have to leave town for work, I can still have a Real Time feed into my kids' day. Transition time with a babysitter is speedy since I can see the moods and milestones from the day. And, if you have a family member without a smartphone, they can still see the updates on a website.

What else would I love to see? Publishing your Timeline into physical memory books. ( peeps said it's coming!) Backdating your posts. Yes, we live moment to moment, but it'd be nice to have a way to stick in an event in its correct place on the Timeline when we get too busy to document.

What's next? Karoo is available on iOS5 now and will soon be ready for the Android market. Look for new features to be added too.

A Little Love from would like to offer you a 20% discount off a premium membership. When you log on to, use KAROO20. Offer good through 10/31.

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Note: has compensated Today'sMama to review this app, but the experience with the product, the photos and opinions are all mine.


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