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App of the Week - Highlights Hidden Pictures

When we get a bit stir crazy as another snow storm rolls in, it's time to find a new outlet. Remember the puzzle-filled Highlights magazine?

Guess what? Highlights has apps for the same fun games too!

Highlights Hidden Pictures Games #appoftheweek @TodaysMama

A full version of the Highlights Hidden Pictures app is just $1.99 and you have two screens of nine puzzles to choose from. Each puzzle has a scrolling menu across the top to help you see what items to find in the Hidden Picture page.

My kids took turns finding the objects and gently tapping on the screen. A chime confirmed the correct selection and the object is then colored in the picture and in the menu. If you get stumped, the Show a Hint button will reposition the image on your screen and briefly show a large circle around the general area with the hidden object.

ighlights Hidden Pictures App #appoftheweek @TodaysMama

Once you find the last object, the entire picture pops into full color!

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Highlights Hidden Pictures Full Color #appoftheweek

Even though my kids are pretty good at sharing, it was great to have the option to restart a picture so all three could have a turn. I also like having an app that isn't overwhelming my kids' senses and encourages patient observation skills. With an elementary school student, a kindergartener and a pre-K child, I was surprised that all three enjoyed the app.

Plus, it was a perfect way to pass the time while waiting at the car repair shop. What a way to finally get out of the house!

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Note: Highlights provided a download code for this app, but the opinions are all mine.


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