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App of the Week – Carpooling Made Easy

App of the Week – Carpooling Made Easy

With the kids back in school are you headed a million directions?  Carpooling seems like a nice option until you consider the math –

No. of Kids +/-  No. Neighbor Kids


No. of Activities


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Drop Off + Pick Up  =  Crazy town

I’m a firm believer in carpooling to improve air quality and all that good environmental stuff.  But I need a better way to coordinate schedules, turns, drivers and locations.

Luckily, I found this article on Mashable that has the low down on carpooling apps.  In a snap I can text all the parents, change the pick up location or switch carpooling duty.

They’re all FREE and suited for kids, parents, or even coworkers. Some remind me of the Ride Board at the Wilk, where you tried to find a way home for the holidays by posting an index card with your details.  Read full post here.

Now that I’ve got my carpooling sorted out, it’s time to bring up the Booster Seat issue, since studies show most carpooling parents don’t use appropriate car seats for their kid cargo.

How do you manage carpooling?


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